RFL200681: Release Notes: RayFlow 6.5

Title: RFL200681: RayFlow 6.5
Type: Full Product
  • Refreshed User Interface
  • Task editing now happens on a full screen editor, inline editing has been disabled. Additionally, horizontal screen management has been improved.
  • Multi-drop-downs are now clickable on their full width.
  • The tool configuration view has now inline editing capabilities and the view is compacted, so that it is not required anymore to scroll horizontally
  • Intune connector
  • Performance improvements
  • New report type: Data Hub
  • Automatic clean-up of jobs and log-in history


For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2021-FEB
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Applies to Version(s):  -
Obsoletes: RayFlow 6.0 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:




Installation Instructions: See the Installation Guide for information on how to install RayFlow
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.):

Complete Product

Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


RF-3793 RF-3959 RF-4215 RF-4388 RF-4401

RF-4403 RF-4505 RF-4520 RF-4556 RF-4559

RF-4568 RF-4572 RF-4593  RF-4026 RF-4601

RF-4602  RF-4603 RF-4608 RF-4609 RF-4611 

RF-4613 RF-4617 RF-4621 RF-4622 RF-4640

RF-4641 RF-4644  RF-4645 RF-4646 RF-4649

RF-4651 RF-4663 RF-4666 RF-4667 RF-4670

RF-4673 RF-4679 RF-4690 RF-4693 RF-4697

RF-4700 RF-4702 RF-4710 RF-4712 RF-4715


See Release Notes document for more details

Verification Hash (SHA256):


*RayFlow 6.5.zip
Download Location:
FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: rayflow-kd
Password: XKQJEd!



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