RMS200500: RayManageSoft infinity 11.4


RMS200500: RayManageSoft infinity 11.4


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New Features in RayManageSofti 11.4:

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published:



Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install / upgrade RayManageSofti.

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RayManagesoft 11.0 and earlier

Restrictions/Known Issues:

  • RMS-4243 Compliance reports may be sometimes blank. If that is the case, make sure to cleanup the database from orphaned Computer entries, having no corresponding NetworkDevice.
  • RMS-4246 Adoption of an unmanaged non-AD Windows device works only with built-in Administrator account. As a workaround, use built-in accounts.
  • RMS-4298 Trigerring a reboot with a remotely executed RMSReboot.exe may return a failure message "The device rejected the command." although the machine could be successfully rebooted. This issue can be workarounded by calling the legacy file Reboot.exe instead of RMSReboot.exe with the exact set of parameters.
  • RMS-4333 Non-AD mode functionality is not fully available for Unix/Linux/Mac devices. These devices still use a single MGS policy and are not targeted by the new policy filtering capabilities.
  • RMS-4363 Debian and Ubuntu use Linux Adoption Package instead of Debian adoption package.
  • RMS-4364 Solaris packages cannot be imported due to unsupported keyboard inputs.
  • RMS-4374 Deleted managed device settings are not removed from database.
  • RMS-4378 It is not possible to open Selector in RHEL 7 due to an unidentified platform.
  • RMS-4379 Only computers being in the MANAGESOFT domain are manageable by the ManageSoft policy. In order to workaround this, download and implement an updated settings package and then perform policy association in order for those devices to comply with their desired state.
  • RMS-4395 After binding a device to a computer, its domain is not automatically refreshed in the UI. The user has to refresh the grid to update the value.
  • RMS-4402 OS Deployment may sometimes show an error The memory could not be rea d after installing Windows. This message can be ignored by pressing the OK button, it does not have any negative impact on deployment and performance.


Installation Instructions:

Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install RayManageSoft infinity.

Affects (Modules, Components, etc.):

Complete product

Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


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RMS-3756; RMS-3764; RMS-3788; RMS-3789; RMS-3809;

RMS-3812; RMS-3820; RMS-3836; RMS-3838; RMS-3840;

RMS-3841; RMS-3862; RMS-3878; RMS-3885; RMS-3895;

RMS-3908; RMS-3917; RMS-3945; RMS-4001; RMS-4026;

RMS-4028; RMS-4034; RMS-4080; RMS-4081; RMS-4092;

RMS-4094; RMS-4099; RMS-4106; RMS-4113; RMS-4117;

RMS-4134; RMS-4137; RMS-4155; RMS-4160; RMS-4165; 

RMS-4168; RMS-4174; RMS-4177; RMS-4180; RMS-4187;

RMS-4189; RMS-4195; RMS-4196; RMS-4199; RMS-4207;

RMS-4208; RMS-4212; RMS-4216; RMS-4219; RMS-4228;

RMS-4229; RMS-4230; RMS-4231; RMS-4234; RMS-4235;

RMS-4238; RMS-4242; RMS-4287; RMS-4303; RMS-4304;

RMS-4306; RMS-4338; RMS-4339; RMS-4344; RMS-4352;

RMS-4362; RMS-4370; RMS-4373; RMS-4397; RMS-4398;

See release notes for more details

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