RVY200484: How to upgraded from RVP 11.1 to 11.2

This article assumes that RayVentory Portal (RVP) 11.1 RTM/HF1 has been cleanly installed and NOT upgraded from RVP 11.1 non-RTM/HF1 or 11.0! 


  1. Backup the "C:\ProgramData\Raynet\RayVentoryPortal\" directory. 
  2. If the 'Settings > General > Local Storage' path is not located within the above location, then ensure that it too is backed up. 
  3. Uninstall RVP 11.1 via 'Programs and Features'. 
  4. Install RVP 11.2 and then open it to check that its configuration options, device lists, credentials and scheduled tasks are still correct. 


Known Issues

If your RVP 11.1 instance falls under the scope of the 11.2 known issue RVP-213 that is mentioned within its release notes, please do not perform the upgrade before working with Raynet to address this situation. 

For scheduled tasks that have operations which utilise defined lists that no longer work, refer to this KB.   



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