RVY200431: How to create a Microsoft IAM Universal Inventory Export

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a Universal Inventory export for Microsoft's Intelligent Asset Management. 



1.  Download Microsoft's Universal Inventory desktop application: 


User Guide = http://AKA.MS/SAMIAM

2.  Extract the downloaded UISetup.zip file into a folder of your choosing on the RayVentory Server. 

3.  Run the UISetup.exe file via the right-click 'Run as Administrator' option: 


Post installation checks



RayVentory Connector

The RayVentory connector for Microsoft's Universal Inventory desktop application comes in the form of a stored procedure (csp_Microsoft_IAMUniversalInventory.sql) and a function (10_f_Microsoft_SharePoint.sql) which are attached to this article

Run the queries against the RayVentory database in order to have those two objects created: 



Universal Inventory Project

Launch the IAM-UI application via its desktop icon utilising its right-click 'Run as Administrator' option: 

Once the project database has been created and has been referenced within the UniversalInventory database, it will be listed within the UI: 



Data Import

To import the RayVentory data into the UI project database, the RayVentory connector strored procedure must be run. 

'UI_Test' = UI project datasource. 

'Raynet_01' = Data import reference (RayVentory_01 could also be used). 

Once the import has finished, check to see if it has highlighted any points of concern.  If it has, then they can be investigated by running the relevant query mentioned within the attached troubleshooting document (UIPC_Troubleshooting.docx). 



Data Import

If any data errors are detected, these should be addressed before exporting by pressing the [Export] button, which will create a XLSX file which can then be uploaded to Microsoft CIDC. 




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