RFL200151: How to import holidays into RayFlow via a URL

RayFlow 2.1 includes the ability to import country specific holidays in the form of ICS files. 

This can be accomplished by either specifying a file system path to an ICS file or a URL to one. 

This article explains how to use the URL import function. 


There are a number of web sites that offer holiday ICS files, and this article will use

http://www.officeholidays.com/ics/ as its example. 



Step 1:  Select the required country


Step 2:  Copy the web sites calendar link


Step 3:  Log into RayFlow as a RayFlow administrator, go to Management > Bank Holidays, press the [Import bank holidays] button, select the URL radial button, and paste the web sites calendar link into the text field. 


Step 4:  Pressing the [IMPORT] button imports the ICS file from the web site, allowing the holidays to be displayed within the RayFlow calendar. 


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