RPK200832: Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6797.3446 [Update 1]

RPK200832: Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6797.3446 [Update 1]


Type: Full Product

Improvements and new features:

  • [PackDesigner] Improved performance of file deletion. [RPK-4753]
  • [PackRecorder] Added a new checkbox to control whether the empty registry keys should be excluded from the conversion from RCP formats. [RPK-4720]
  • More robust and secure way of saving RayFlow credentials and sharing the session between other RayPack Studio components. [RF-4879]

Resolved issues:

  • [EasyPack] Fixed an issue, where Easy Pack could show a warning when creating a new blank MST project. [RPK-4711]
  • [MSIX] Fixed an issue, where adding PSF fixup would not bootstrap the correct launcher. [RPK-4708]
  • [PackWrapper] Fixed various issues when switching between visual and advanced view. [RPK-4696]
  • [PackLayering] Fixed random issues with VHD handling when building Citrix AppLayering projects. [RPK-4747] [RPK-4684]
  • [PackDesigner] Fixed an issue with setting of SIS languages, where a neutral language was always added next to the desired language code. [RPK-4743]
  • [PackDesigner] Fixed an issue, where an error would be shown when trying to export ICE validation results to PDF. [RPK-4744]
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue, where .rpx files could not be built after adding a new resource. [RPK-4700]
Date Published: 2023/02/27
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide


Download Location:

FTP Server:







Download from Raynet FTP


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