RFL200819: Release Notes: RayFlow 7.3.13469.522

Title: RFL200819: Release Notes: RayFlow 7.3.13469.522
Purpose/Description: Highlights:
  • Package Store Integration With Thousands of Ready to Use  Packages [RF-4621]
  • Execute Scripts Based on Task Triggers [RF-4845]

Security Improvements:

  • Fixed a security issue in which setting-up a new password required a backend connection that verified password conditions, which on the other hand was sending the new password candidate in clear text. [RF-4849]
  • Fixed an installation routine where password to service account could be logged in clear text. [RF-4894]

Other Improvements:

  • Restored the ability to edit tasks without leaving the phase overview screen, with additional edit button present to open tasks in a new tab. [RF-4776]
  • It is now possible to manually change the column widths in the Phase view, as it used to be possible in RayFlow 6.0. [RF-4777]
  • Improved the general performance when working with large projects with thousands of tasks. [RF-4781]
  • It is now possible to sort tasks by their respective workflow phase in the My Tasks, Workflow, and Batch views. [RF-4782] [RF-4793]
  • It is now possible to order tasks by their type in the Phase view. [RF-4784]
  • Both server and client are now upgraded to run on the .NET Framework 4.7.2. This change has impact on the software requirements. [RF-4891]
Date Published: 2022/12/12
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayFlow, follow the instructions in the RayFlow Server Installation Guide

Download Location:

FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: rayflow-kd
Password: XKQJEd!


Download from Raynet FTP


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