RVY200806: Ports Used By RayVentory Scan Engine

The following table lists the ports and protocols used on the target clients:

Device Protocols Ports
Linux/Unix SSH 22
Windows WMI/DCOM 135
vSphere HTTPS/vSphere 80; 443
SNMP devices SNMP 161
Windows SMB 139; 445
Oracle DB machines Zero Touch Oracle DB 1521 + custom ports
Windows WMI/DCOM 1024 - 65535 (Can choose any local port to connect or set via group policy values.)

The following table lists the ports and protocos used on the application server:

Usage Ports
WMI/DCOM 1024 - 65535 (Can select either a local port to connect to or a value set via group policy.)
HTTP/HTTPS upload 80; 443
SMB upload 139; 445


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