RVY200792: Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3510.47 [Update 5]

Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3510.47 [Update 5]


Type: Full Product

INVENTORY AGENT Support for Windows Certificate store on Windows [RVP-1374] [ZEN-18859] [ZEN-18262] [ZEN-16154]

In this build, we updated the redistributable version of CURL on Windows with schannel support. This change allows the agent to use Windows
Certificate store for trusted HTTP connections.

 Other improvements:

  • NDTRACK Improved scanning for various co-existing versions of MS SQL server by ndtrack. [RVP-1849] [ZEN-19105]
  • ORATRACK Improved timeout management for long-running java.exe processes, which may happen occasionally when running oratrack in combination with DFUS. [RVP-1869] [ZEN-19289]
  • Increased maximum number of incoming GET requests for embedded HTTP server per second to 100. This change has a positive effect on upload throughput. [RVP-1847] [ZEN-18905]
  • Improved performance of the device list with large number of computers for subsequent operations. [RVP-1859] [ZEN-19575]
  • Added example files and configuration reflecting the recent (Update 04) changes how processes on Windows are reported. [RVP-1857]
  • Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are now recognized during the AD discovery. [RVP-1884]

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed a security issue, where user and password could be logged open-text in the task runner log file in case of a failed job. [RVP-1876]
  • Fixed a concurrency issue, in which scheduled tasks could overwrite each other’s data. [RVP-1888] [ZEN-19663]
  • Fixed minor inconsistencies in the documentation part about supported platforms. [RVP-1894]
  • NDTRACK Fixed an issue with different data reported by Zero-Touch and Remote-Execution on the same machine. [RVP-1459] [ZEN-16625]
  • Fixed issues with loading of Hyper-V data, once the underlying device is removed from the Devices view. [RVP-1763]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed an issue, where scheduler on macOS could create incorrect jobs. [RVP-1822]
  • Fixed concurrency issues, which could prevent the next run date from being properly calculated. [RVP-1838] [ZEN-19231]
  • Fixed nor-working SharePoint and Exchange scans with use of Zero-Touch methods. [RVP-864] [ZEN-13993] [ZEN-15127] [ZEN-19081]
  • NDTRACK Fixed incomplete WMI scans for SQL Server related classes. [RVP-1744] [ZEN-18702]
  • POWERSHELL Fixed broken call to Get-DeviceConnections with OS type set to Unix in the PowerShell automation module. [RVP-1766] [ZEN-18793]
  • Fixed a vague statement about encryption key and security of the configuration in RayVentory Scan Engine User Guide. [RVP-1901]
  • Added missing MGS_Process in the list of default classes used by Zero-Touch scanner on UNIX. [RVP-1802] [ZEN-18985]
  • Fixed an issue with wrong day calculation in the Inventory results UI. [RVP-1867]
Date Published: 2022/08/12
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3 User Guide.



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