RVY200785: Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3449.44 [Update 4]

Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3449.44 [Update 4]


Type: Full Product

New Feature/ Improvement:

  • Whitelisting for SaaS usage discovery. [RVP-1717] [RVP-1856] [ZEN-18213] [ZEN-18396]
  • Many internal improvements to Zero-Touch scanner, optimized usage of commands and improved process handling on certain distributions. This should also resolve sporadic issues on some systems, including but not limited to CentOS 5.4. [RVP-1833] [ZEN-18939]
  • Added plugins and additional auxiliary files to the standard NDTRACK Agent installation sources. [RVP-1787] [ZEN-18858]
  • Improved performance of RayVentory Scan Engine UI when loading large number of devices. [RVP-1859]

Security improvements:

  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed a security issue, where Inventory Agent could write sensitive information in event log when getting the configuration from Scan Engine. [RVP-1854] [ZEN-19308]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed a security issue in Inventory Agent (non-Windows), in which the libraries were referenced by relative, not absolute paths. [RVP-1826] [ZEN-19064]

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed issues with missing texts in log files. [RVP-1755] [ZEN-18624] [ZEN-18749] [ZEN-19183]
  • Fixed migration from RayVentory Scan Engine 12.2, where the information about target filtered by list could be lost in the schedule configuration. [RVP-1757]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed an issue, where the Inventory Agent could not run on supported systems, where the required libraries (libstdc+, libgcc_s) were missing. This change affects many systems, including but not limited to AIX and Solaris. [RVP-1777] [RVP-1851] [ZEN-19130]
  • Fixed issues with importing of inventory files from Windows machines, where the results coming from remote execution / portable scan (ndtrack) were incompatible with the same results delivered by the Zero-Touch (RWI) counterpart. [RVP-1792] [ZEN-18857]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed broken upload of inventory files from OracleDB scanner oratrack. [RVP-1829]
  • Fixed a timing issue in which the schedules could be in an inconsistent state. [RVP-1809] [ZEN-19140] [ZEN-19162]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed uploading of inventory files by Inventory Agent, which was deleting the files in case of a failed upload. In this build, the files will stay to be retried later. [RVP-1830]
  • Fixed an issue in scheduler module, where removing a single schedule could remove all entries. [RVP-1842]
  • ORATRACK Fixed an issue, where certain queries were not executed on OracleDB 12.1. [RVP-1852] [ZEN-19260]
  • INVENTORY AGENT Fixed an infinite loop in search routine, which was executing on Solaris 10 when looking for cURL by the Inventory Agent. [RVP-1846]
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException which could be thrown under certain conditions during the inventory upload in RayVentory Scan Engine. [RVP-1848] [ZEN-19277] [ZEN-19183]
  • ORATRACK Fixed a regression in the logging module introduced in version 12.3.3429.24 (Update 02), where an exception could be thrown when running oratrack on JRE < 1.6 (due to missing isEmpty() method). [RVP-1862] [ZEN-19462]
Date Published: 2022/07/07
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3 User Guide.



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