RPK200781: Release Notes: RayPack 7.2

Title: RPK200781: RayPack 7.2
Type: Full Product


  • New Options and Features for PSADT Authoring (PackWrapper) [RPK-4247] [RPK-4360] [RPK-4399] [RPK-4365]
  • Advanced Manifest Editor for MSIX Projects [RPK-4130]
  • Improved Condition Builder with Support for Windows 11 and Other
    Popular Software [RSC-690]
  • Support for VHDX File Format for MSIX App Attach [RPK-4417] [RPK-4422]
  • Support for Syntax Highlighting in MSI Conditions [RPK-3693]

Other Improvements:

  • Log configuration has been unified across all products. In addition, we updated log4net to version 2.0.14 to close the security vulnerability described in CVE-2018-1285. [RSC-701] [RSC-711]
  • When importing an INI file, RayPack checks if the file is a correct INI. If not, the file will be imported as a normal file. This may be important in case of INI-like files, where certain rules are not followed, the order is important, etc. [RPK-1007]
  • Updated out-of the-box system search conditions for Microsoft Office, .NET Framework, and Adobe Reader. [RPK-3694]
  • When creating a new PSADT wrapper, the icon is now automatically extracted from the selected installer. [RPK-4273]
  • The PSADT action Check if item exists now supports intellisense for variables. [RPK-4331]
  • The package code field in PackDesigner now has extra validation for supported characters. [RPK-4336]
  • PackWrapper (PSADT editor) now supports the in-app help by pressing the F1 button. [RPK-4337]
  • When editing a built-in or a custom PSADT function containing a parameter with a fixed set of values, the visual editor now displays a dropdown with available values instead of a previously available text box. [RPK-4363]
  • Mandatory PSADT action parameters are now clearly marked. [RPK-4364]
  • Added the ability to add missing sections (for example Repair) if the original script does not contain them. [RPK-4368]
  • The files and folders view for PSADT projects now updates automatically after background changes (for example, adding a file in the explorer). [RPK-4370]
  • Recent PSADT projects now display the actual project names instead of the generic file names. [RPK-4374]
  • The PSADT action Install MSI now has a browse button for MST files. [RPK-4378]
  • Paths selected from various open file dialogs in the PSADT editor are now by default written using variables and - whenever possible - relative paths. [RPK-4380]
  • Fix-up names in MSIX editor are now human-friendly. [RPK-4384]
  • Improved the performance and stability of registry operations in various places. [RPK-4385]
  • Updated set of merge modules. [RPK-4388]
  • In MSI/RPP projects, empty components are now removed when the last resource is deleted. [RPK-4390]
  • The ODBC counter in the Your Project overview for MSI/RPP projects now includes both drivers and data sources. [RPK-4391]
  • Updated the list of MSIX dependencies. [RPK-4397]
  • Improved the quality of icons extracted from third-party setups when creating a PSADT project. [RPK-4411]
  • Better and more detailed messages are now displayed in case of a failed signing (for example due to an incorrect timestamp server). [RPK-4418]
  • Improved the methods of scanning for vendor MSIs run in the background during the repackaging process. This change should help by repackaging of complex projects (like Adobe Reader) which are internally deployed in the MSI format. [RPK-4431]
  • Added extra exclusion lists for repackaging, which would exclude various cache files and temporary Edge resources. [RPK-4432]
  • Improved the performance of opening of PSADT projects. [RPK-4475]

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues, refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2022-JUN
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements

Installation Instructions:

To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide

Download Location:

FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: raypackstudio-kd
Password: 74(4346fU342


Download from Raynet FTP as a part of RayPack Studio

Download from Raynet FTP as a standalone product


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