RVY200779: Release Notes: RayVentory Aspera Connector [Update 1]

Release Notes: RayVentory Aspera Connector [Update 1]


Type: Full Product

New features and improvements:

  • Added support for reporting Non-Windows MSSQL Server. [RVS-65]
  • Added support for reporting of DB2 instances. [RVS-63]
  • Added support for Oracle Cloud provider. [RVS-59]
  • Added support for SNMP and SNMP Device Types [RMS-4767] [ZEN-14802] [ZEN-18925]
  • Added a configurable parameter @iLPARHostName to change, how dummy host names are reported when returning LPAR topology. [RMS-4829] [ZEN-15782]
  • Improved calculation of Hyper-V relations, especially when inventory results were obtained with a zero-touch method. [RVS-72] [RMS-4887]
  • Added column InstallationDate to query csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_microsoft. [RVP-946] [ZEN-14506]

Resolved issues:

  • Removed not-existing column installation_date from query DataTransformation-result_inv_raw_msi and remarks column from DataTransformation-result_devices. [RVS-85] [RVS-84] [ZEN-19071] [ZEN-19073]
  • Columns import_from_device_id and import_to_device_id in device relation tables now accept null values. [RVS-82] [ZEN-18832]
  • Fixed incorrect group query and aggregation in rayventory_terminalserver_devices_raw. [RVS-80] [ZEN-18760] [ZEN-19072]
  • Fixed handling of OracleDB instances, which in some case could lead to doubling of results. [RVS-71] [ZEN-18036]
  • Fixed failure messages for Oracle Report Failures. [RMS-4871]
    Added support for class CIM_Product in stored procedure sp_GetDeviceFQDN. This ensures that systems having no class Win32_ComputerSystem (for example, Windows 2003) will be properly reported as computers with inventory report. [RVS-73]
Date Published: 2022/05/23
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements



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