RVY200775: Cleanup history of tasks in Data Hub


RayVentory Data Hub writes historical results for each task it executes, so that – in case of failing or not expected task execution results – the administrator can easily troubleshoot the issue. Also, in case of positive results, the history feature allows the data administrator to see the historical schedules, their results and correlations. 


Problem description: 

The nature of tasks may differ, but some of them are expected to be repeated often. For data sets where being up-to-date with the data, the space consumption and database utilization can quickly grow. In extreme cases, this can lead to accumulation of millions of database rows in a matter of months. This can severely degrade the overall performance and have impact on cost and quota in terms of hosted databases. 



We recommend performing a regular clean-up of the old task entries, with a help of automated script. This article describes how to set it up on Windows platform with some reasonable defaults (tasks older than 90 days will be removed, which should be sufficient for most of the users). 



1. Crete a new folder in RayVentory DataHub working directory, e.g.: 

 “C:\Program Files (x86)\RayVentoryDataHub\cleanupTaskHistory” 

2. Save the attached file "deleteOlder90D.cmd" in this new folder. 

3. Create a schedule to start this script daily: 








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