RVY200774: Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3429.24 [Update 2]

Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3.3429.24 [Update 2]


Type: Full Product

General improvements:

  • In RVIA, we improved RAM consumption by optimizing code and places where memory leaks could happen. [RVP-1729] [ZEN-18529]
  • Improved descriptions of configuration of remote execution and Hyper-V properties. [RVP-1772] [RVP-1781] [RVP-17829] [RVP-1774] [RVP-1775]
  • Windows Server 2019 and 2022 now have logos in the Inventory view. [RVP-1642]
  • If a DNS name cannot be resolved, the hostname property from VMware API is now used in vSphere scans. [RVP-1758]

Security improvements:

  • OracleDB scanner (oratrack) now does not use log4j library anymore. Due to security concerns, the tool has been rewritten by replacing the library with a secure implementation. [RVP-1630] [ZEN-17954] [ZEN-18457] [ZEN-18809]
  • macOS packages for the Inventory Agent are now digitally signed. [RVP-1330] [ZEN-18681]

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed an issue with ndtrack failing if DNS resolution was not properly configured. [RVP-1749] [ZEN-18560] [ZEN-18679]
  • Fixed a critical issue, where incoming NDI files were stored in the installation folder after being accepted by the HTTP upload service. [RVP-1753] [ZEN-18737]
  • Fixed an issue with RVIA ignoring compression and deleting local NDI files. [RVP-1288] [ZEN-15896]
  • Fixed an issue with schedule times not changed properly on macOS. [RVP-1733]
  • Fixed a regression in version 12.3, in which it was not possible to put the files in the Results\RemoteExection folder to add them to the connection list. [RVP-1754] [ZEN-18710]
  • Fixed an issue with vSphere inventory not showing FQDN in scope. [RVP-1758] [ZEN-18488]
  • Fixed an issue, where logs files could be written directly in INSTALLDIR. [RVP-1776]
  • Fixed an issue, where a failure during reading of vSphere tag would leave the complete scan process as failed. In this version, failure of reading a tag does not break the inventory scan of vSphere devices. [RVP-1681] [ZEN-17336]
  • Fixed an issue with missing Name property of an operating system on macOS devices. [RVP-1742]
Date Published: 2022/05/12
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3 User Guide.



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