RVY200773: Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.3.4525.33 [Update 1]

Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.3.4525.33 [Update 1]


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • Active Directory / LDAP Authentication [RR-80] [RR-2732]
  • New Cloud Connectors (Update 2021.5 Patch 4) [RR-2968] [RR-2087]

The following connectors have been added in this update:

  • Cisco Meraki [COKCON-725]
  • Cisco Umbrella [COKCON-717]
  • Typetalk [COKCON-697]
  • JamaSoftware [COKCON-684]
  • Stripe [COKCON-680]
  • Falcon [COKCON-663]
  • ActiveCampaign [COKCON-586]
  • Google Cloud Compute Instances [COKCON-383]
  • Cisco Webex [COKCON-41]
  • Google Kubernetes [COKCON-386]
  • Google Cloud Storage Download [COKCON-385]
  • Google Cloud Database Instances [COKCON-384]
  • Microsoft Intune Reports [COKCON-730]
  • Dot4Cmdb [COKCON-478]
  • VMware vSphere [COKCON-704]
  • Vonage Unified Communications [COKCON-723]
  • G2 [COKCON-72]
  • RankWatch [COKCON-655]
  • Advanced Transformation Editing (JSON) [3057] [RR-3007]
  • Ability to Download Log Files from the Task View [2933]


  • Logs for transformation tasks are now more detailed and easy to follow. For example, the executed steps are referenced by their names and each step contains extra information about tables used and produced, the number of input and output rows, etc. [RR-2965] [RR-2992]
  • Optimized the disk space consumption by the transformation process. Depending on the size and structure of the transformation, up to 80-90% of savings can be expected. [RR-2891]
  • When migrating from 12.2 to 12.3 Update 1, the existing transformation definitions will now be automatically migrated to the new format. [RR-2943]
  • It is now possible to change the temporary location for transformation files and configure some further diagnostic options. [RR-2999] [RR-2963]
  • Several internal changes in the docker images and default compose file for idiomatic usage of environment variables. [RR-3004]
  • Improved performance of VMware AirWatch connector. [COKCON-767]

Resolved Issues:

  • Improved performance and reworked storing of agent logs from the Data Hub Agent. This issue caused visible UI lags and timeouts when accessing the task list and task history page in case of big agent logs with multiple repetitions. [RR-2933]
  • Fixed an issue with improper schedule settings (daily vs hourly). [RR-2998]
  • Fixed a UI issue where an infinite loop could be triggered by creating a step that references itself as a source. [RR-3013]
  • Changed the default place where Azure Active Directory reports and tasks are imported. The correct place is the Directory Services folder. [RR-2934]
  • Fixed various issues with the Transformation editor, where some combinations of inputs could produce invalid JSON content. [RR-2913] [RR-2917] [RR-2924]
  • Fixed an issue with bad performance of the task view in case of several runs with big agent log files. [RR-2933]
  • Fixed an issue, where default database log appended would write no logs in the Docker installation. [RR-3043]
  • Fixed an issue, where saving a report in a Docker-hosted instance would show an error. [RR-3068]
  • Fixed an issue, where a failed transformation (in server mode) was not properly reported to the backend. [RR-2920]
  • Fixed an issue with improper values in the Output column in the Transformation editor. [RR-3088]
  • Resolved several contradictory information in the User Guide. [RR-2944]
  • Removed unnecessary API calls between UI and the backend. [RR-3004]
  • Fixed not working domain fetching by the Veeva Vault connector. [COKCON-750]
  • Fixed Azure SDK connector bypassing proxy with DNS requests. [COKCON-790]
  • Fixed missing endpoint in the Veeva Vault connector. [COKCON-791]
  • Fixed java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException in Azure SDK connector [KOT2]
  • Fixed handling of 404 response for the apps endpoints in VMware air watch. [KOT9]
  • Fixed issue 405 Method not allowed in Veeva Vault. [KOT25]
  • Fixed an OutOfMemory exception in Microsoft Azure Compute. [KOT27]
  • Resolved security issues CVE-2020-9488, CVE-2018-10237, CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2018-1000844, CVE-2018-1000850, CVE-2021-43797 in various cloud connectors. [KOT13] [KOT14] [KOT15] [KOT16] [KOT17] [KOT18]



Date Published: 2022/04/28
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Known issue:

After migration to 12.3 Update 1, old log entries are no longer accessible.

Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.3 User Guide.


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