RMS200768: RayManageSoft infinity 12.0

Release Notes: RayManageSoft infinity 12.0


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • New Reporting Engine [RMS-4872]
  • Extended List of Supported Windows Operating Systems [RMS-4662] [RMS-4873]


  • Inventory files are now hashed with an MD5 signature to ensure they are not tempered with[RMS-4618] [RMS-4633]
  • Added Win32_Service WMI class to default WMI classes scanned by ndtrack.exe (wmitrack.ini) [RMS-4591]
  • Added new command-line switch -o GuidAsName to ndtrack which ensures the new .ndi file has a random name to prevent later name collisions. [RMS-4606]
  • Added new columns Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) and Is active? In License Counting
  • module[RMS-4460] [RMS-4459]
  • Improved merging of information from SNMP scans. In this version, sysName is prioritized over DNS/NETBIOS name and other in order to avoid duplicates for each different DNS name in case of many NCIs [RMS-4405]
  • Improved performance of VMware reports. [RMS-4201]
  • Improved performance of RMSSA in conjunction with WUA usage [RMS-4749]
  • Double-clicking on a package in the tree view now opens the properties dialog. [RMS-4832]
  • Added extra logging for modern dialogs for Selector, Postponement, and Reboot. [RMS-4489]
  • Importing a third-party installer (Windows) now discards leading and trailing whitespaces around the file version. [RMS-4282]
Date Published: 2022/03/25
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Restrictions/Known Issues:

For a list of known issues in RayManageSofti refer to the Raynet Knowledge Base.



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