RVY200759: How to Configure the WINDOWS RVIA SaaS Discovery Feature to Gather Web Browser History

It is possible to gather web browser history by using the Windows RVIA SaaS Discovery feature. Currently the feature supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers.


RVIA Configuration

Go to Setttings > Inventory > Inventory Agent. Select the CFG file and click on the Edit button.

In the PROPERTIES VIEW activate the SaaS Discovery and set the amount of days of web browser history that should be gathered (Default=30). 


Scroll down to the Schedules and activate and configure the SaaS schedule (Default= 00:26 hours).



Windows Device

Once the Windows RVIA runs its GetConfig1 scheduled task, the SaaS-Discovery1 scheduled task will be created: 


In this example, the run time has been adjusted by the randomiser function:


When the scheduled tasks runs, it will create a compressed file "mmi.gz" in the following default location:


When the Upload1 scheduled task runs, it will by default upload the file to the RayVentory Scan Engine.


RayVentory Scan Engine

When the HTTP server of the RayVentory Scan Engine receives the compressed file, it will uncompress it and then place it in the following default location:


Below is the sanitised content of one of those .mmi files:


The following upload rule needs to be created before the Scan Engine can upload to the RayVentory Server:

Settings > HTTP Services > UPLOAD LOCATION


This example is using a direct path as the Scan Engine is installed on the same server as RayVentory Server; however, HTTP(s) & UNC URIs can be used when the RayVentory Scan Engine is installed on its own server.


RayVentory Server

Once the RayVentory Scan Engine has uploaded the file to the RayVentory Server and the Import RayVentory application usage logs scheduled task of the RayVentory Server has run, if the data was successfully imported into the RayVentory database, it will be found within the following tables:

  • ComputerUsage
  • SoftwareFile
  • SoftwareFileName
  • SoftwareFileUsage
  • SoftwareUsagePerWeek
  • SoftwareVersion


RayVentory Data Hub

Once RayVentory Data Hub has run its Inventory Software File RayVentory connector task, the usage data can be found within the InventorySoftwareFile table of the tenant database.


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