RVY200761: During the upgrade of Data Hub Agent, previous settings are not taken over


Data Hub Agent installer does not restore the original settings, if the previous installation was using a custom identity for the local service.

In this case, the upgrade wizard contains default values of the Data Hub URL / tenant ID. 

If the user decides to correct the values by providing the actual host and tenant ID, the agent will register itself as a new agent.



Previous installation did not write registry key, which is used during subsequent upgrades to determine, where the previous version is installed, and where is the configuration file, containing the host, tenant and agent ID. Unable to find them, the default values are used, including a new unique Agent ID.

This only happens in case where a custom identity has been used before for the local service. The default values do not cause this issue to happen.



If your Data Hub Agent installer does not restore previous settings (like Data Hub URL or tenant ID), stop the installation and perform the following steps:

  • Create a new registry key:
  • In this key, create a STRING value named InstallDir. Set its value to the full installation directory, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\RayVentory\DataHubAgent\. This must be the same path as where the Agent had been previously installed.
  • Alternatively, you can also double-click the attached registry file (DataHubAgent.reg) to import the key and value, and then make adjustments as required.
  • Once the values are set, start the upgrade of Data Hub Agent. This time, the installer should be able to pick-up the correct settings, including the Data Hub URL and the tenant ID.


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