RVY200749: Permissions Required to Run the Default Tasks in RayVentory Data Hub

In order to run the tasks from RayVentory Data Hub on the RayVentory Server Database, it is necessary to grant execution privileges to the following stored procedures:


  • csp_aspera_connector_device
  • csp_aspera_connector_device_provider_types
  • csp_aspera_connector_device_providers
  • csp_aspera_connector_device_relation
  • csp_aspera_connector_device_relation_types
  • csp_aspera_connector_device_types
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_arp
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_file
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_microsoft
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_oracle
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_os
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_othersw
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_unixspecial
  • csp_aspera_connector_software_msi
  • csp_aspera_connector_tag
  • CompUsage
  • sp_OracleInstances
  • sp_rp_OracleVirtualInfrastructure
  • f_HardwareProperties

The .sql script attached to this article can be executed on the RayVentory database on which the connectors are installed in order to grant the necessary privileges.



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