RVY200725 - Configuring certificates in RayVentory Inventory Agent


The RayVentory Inventory Agent has multiple ways how to configure secure connections, this article describes how and where to configure those and how to disable the certificate check entirely.



- RayVentory Inventory Agent does not consider certificates from the windows certificate store

- You can add multiple parameters to the properties, you can simply type a blank between the arguments


1. Disabling certificate check

To disable the checking for the certificate, go to SETTINGS → INVENTORY → INVENTORY AGENT → EDIT

In the CONFIGURATION EDITOR add a "-k" to the properties  "configDownloadCurlArgs" and "resultUploadCurlArgs"




2. Specifying the certificate location

To specify the certificate location, go to SETTINGS → INVENTORY → INVENTORY AGENT → EDIT

configDownloadCurlArgs = --cacert =<pathtocertificate>

resultUploadCurlArgs = --cacert =<pathtocertificate>


configDownloadCurlArgs = --capath=<pathtocertificatefolder>

resultUploadCurlArgs = --capath=<pathtocertificatefolder>



3. Adding the certificate directly into the .crt file

Navigate to the installation location of the InventoryAgent and open the file curl-ca-bundle.crt


You can manually copy the certificate to the file. This has to be done for every location where the agent is installed.


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