RVY200729: How to update RayVentory Data Hub tasks after installing RayVentory connector

This article is related to:

- RayVentory DataHub, version 12.2-any or earlier
- RayVentory Connector 12.2-any or earlier (formerly known as Aspera-Connector)



After upgrading the RayVentory Connector, certain tasks in Data Hub may need updates as well. This process is yet not automated (Data Hub versions 12.2 or earlier) and requires a manual update of the tasks.

This knowledge base article describes the best practice for updating related tasks.



The RayVentory Connector has been updated to a new version and certain Data Hub tasks have been changed or customized.


Updating Data Hub tasks:

There are two ways to update tasks: they can be import directly by .RPA files or by using the wizard for importing from templates.


Update from template:

1. Login to Data Hub with a user that can Add/Remove Tasks

2. Remove the tasks in the Inventory Folder, for that navigate to Tasks → Inventory → Select the Tasks that should be removed → Press Delete


3. Import the tasks from template, for that navigate to Library → Import → From template


4. Select Inventory Data Overview and press Next


5. Fill in all required parameters and press Next

6. Select the Agent and press Next 


7. Press Start Import

8. Switch to Tasks and there should be a Folder with Inventory


For each task in the Inventory folder schedules can be created with Selecting the task → Edit → Schedule or they can be run manually


Update from Import file:

1. Login to Data Hub with a user that can Add/Remove Tasks and you have to have access to the install location from Data Hub

2. Go to Library → Import file...




4. Navigate to the install location from Data Hub Program Files (x86) → RayVentoryDataHub → assets → rpa → Connectors and select the .rpa file "Inventory Data Overview.rpa" → Press Open


5. Switch to Advanced and select  "Overwrite existing tasks" → Press Import



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