RVY200728: Installation of RayVentory Agent for non-Windows

This article describes how to install and use the RayVentory Inventory Agent on Linux/Unix machines.

Source files

After installing RayVentory Scan Engine 12.2 SP4 (or later), all agent setups can be picked from the installation directory of RV Scan Engine, stored in subfolder "../Contrib/InventoryAgent"


BFF = AIX UNIX, DEB = Debian based Linux (x64 & x86), RPM = Red Hat based Linux (x64 & x86), MACOS (x64 only).  


Copy the relevant installation package to your target device, and then run the installation depending on your Operating System. Here are some command line examples:

AIX:     sudo installp -aYF -d <package> rvia.rte
DEB:    sudo dpkg -i <package>
macOS: sudo installer -pkg <package> -target /
RPM:   sudo rpm -ivh <package>


After installing the package, please navigate to "/opt/rvia/", which is the default installation path of the RV Agent. Run the following command with sudo:  "./rvia getconfig <URL-to-CFG-file>".



This ensures that the agent immediately downloads the desired configuration from RV Scan Engine. If this step is omitted, the Agent will not work within your environment.
Important hint: the relative path to the config file needs to be case-sensitive! If "getconfig" fails with curl error, check the URL e.g. by calling the URL from a web-browser on the target device.

Once "getconfig" has been successfully executed, "rvia.cfg" should contain a copy of the desired configuration file managed by RV Scan Engine.


In addition, all Agent schedules can be verified with command:

sudo crontab -l

sudo launchctl list | grep RayVentory (for macOS)


Manual Usage

It is possible to operate the agent manually to verify all the possible commands, please navigate to the default install location ("/opt/rvia/").

Execute "sudo ./rvia help" which will show all possible operation tasks:


You can validate or edit the configuration file "rvia.cfg" directly on your Linux/Unix device.
Just open "rvia.cfg" with a text editor of your choice with sudo permission.


Non-Default Inventory

Since the RV Agent relies on "ndtrack" for collecting the Inventory, you can create custom inventory jobs using the ndtrack command line switches.

Example: “schedule:inventory:-o IncludeDirectory=/opt -o ExcludeDirectory=/proc:30 0 * * *”

Please refer to the user-guide of RV Scan Engine for more information.

Configuration options for Windows-only

The following parameters and options are currently not used by Linux/Unix agents:  

  • saasDiscoDaysBack
  • usageWhitelist
  • usageDisabled
  • usageLogFileSize
  • usageEnableSessionLogging
  • usageSessionBackupPeriod
  • usageUploadPeriod
  • usageStartupDelay
  • usageMinRunTime
  • usageProcessUpdatePeriod
  • schedule:horizon::logon
  • schedule:horizon::logoff
  • schedule:saas:




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