How to find out the hardware ID

In this article we will describe you how to find out your hardware ID.

There are two options to find out the hardware ID from your given machine.


Option No. 1 via the "License Activation Tool

1. Go to the default installation path of the installed product

2. Click on "Raynet.LicenseActivation.exe"

3. Click on "Activate your product now" button

4. Click on "Order number" button

5. Click the "Show advanced options" checkbox

6. You can find out your Hardware ID in the highlighted field below



Option no. 2 about running the product

1. Start the product

2. The following error message appears for the expired or corrupt licenses


3. Click on the "Close" button

4. Perform the steps 3 to 6 as described in "Option No. 1 via the "License Activation Tool"


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