RVY200667: Known Issue: RVSE scheduling service cannot be started after update from RVP 11.x to RVSE 12.x

Affected versions: 

RayVentory ScanEngine 12.x



With RVSE 12.0 certain product related names were changed including the name for the application's Windows event log.
That results in a conflicting name when the RVSE scheduling services attempts to create an event log, which in turn will lead to an error that prevents the service from starting.



Delete the old RVP/RVSE event logs.



1. Open a PowerShell command prompt.

2. Execute the following command lines, line by line.
Remove-EventLog -LogName RVSE
Remove-EventLog -LogName RayVentory



You will loose old RVP/RVSE event logs. In order to keep the logs, you may export them.


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