RQC200618: RayQC and RayQC Advanced 6.3 are incompatible with RayPack 6.2 and lower

Applicable version:

  • RayQC Version 6.3
  • RayQC Advancded Version 6.3
  • RayPack 6.2 and lower



It has been discovered, that the installation of RayQC 6.3 and RayQC Advanced 6.3 may inadvertently corrupt pre-existing installations of RayPack 6.2 and older versions. RayPack 6.3 and newer versions are not affected by this problem.


Upgrade RayPack to the newest version available (6.3 at the moment of publishing this article). If this is not possible, make sure that RayQC 6.3 and/or RayQC Advanced 6.3 are installed prior to installing RayPack 6.2 or lower on the same machine.




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