RVY200610: Release Notes: RayVentory Aspera Connector

Title: RVY200610: Release Notes: RayVentory Aspera Connector
Type: Full Product

New Features in RayVentory Aspera Connetor:

  • Implemented support Solaris sone shared pools
  • Included new chassis types 25-36
  • Improved device relation procedure
  • Improved Oracle Database procedure
Date Published: 2020-JUL
Requirements: -
Applies to Version(s):  -
Obsoletes: RayVentory Portal 11.4 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:



Installation Instructions:

See: RVY200608: Installing the RayVentory Aspera Connector
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.):

Please think about that we have changes in Following XML Files:
        - Step 3.7 -> needed to fix Relation Problems
        - Step 3.2 -> Has a complete change and is need to fix Relatin Problems

Please review the files with your XML files.

If you have import Problems with 500_rayventory_inv_raw_generic.xml,
please have as well a look on the XML File, we have changes in the last versions in this XML file in the Part 1.3.2 - 1.3.6

You found in Folder:

- Connector XML -> To Connect to RayVentory DataHub

- Connector XML Direct -> To Connect to RayVentory DB

Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:

RMS-4674, RMS-4680, RMS-4695, RMS-4700

RMS-4703, RMS-4704, RMS-4705, RMS-4710

RMS-4711, RMS-4712, RMS-4714, RMS-4719


See Version.txt for more Information

Verification Hash (SHA256):



Download Location:

FTP Server:







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