RVY200608: Installing or update the RayVentory Aspera Connector


This article describes the needed steps to install / upgrade the RayVentory Aspera Connector on the RayVentory database to provide the data for USU LIMA (SmartTrack)



  • Download the latest Connector release from the Raynet FTP
  • An installed RayVentory
  • An user with access and write rights on the RayVentory database


Installation / Upgrade


  • Open the Command prompt and navigate to the sources directory "SQL Installer"
  • Execute "installConnectorSQL.cmd" to start the installation


  • Insert the SQL Servers Hostname
  • If the database is on the local system, just press enter, and it will take 'localhost'


  • Insert the SQL Servers instance name
  • If the instance name is 'SQLEXPRESS', just press enter, and it will take 'SQLEXPRESS'
  • If there is no instance name, enter a space and press enter


  • Insert the name of the RayVentory database
  • If the database name is 'ManageSoft', just press enter, and it will take 'ManageSoft'


  • Verify the database Schema of the RayVentory database
  • Execute the query against the RayVentory Database
Select * From DatabaseConfiguration


  • Insert the SchemaVersion as the Database Version
  • If the database Version is '11.4', just press enter, and it will take '11.4'
  • The installation / upgrade of the RayVentory Aspera Connector will be executed


  • When the installation finished successful, it will look like this
  • Press any key to close the installation




If the installation went not successfull, the log files will be stored under

  • \\Path\to\Sources\<ConnectorVersionNumber>\SQL Installer\SQL\Aspera\Aspera_install.log
  • \\Path\to\Sources\<ConnectorVersionNumber>\SQL Installer\SQL\Oracle\Oracle_install.log


Import XML files for USU LIMA (SmartTrack)

The XML files are needed to gather the inventory details with USU LIMA (SmartTrack) and are stored under the following path:

Notice only the import of files over DataHub is included in the support plan.

over DataHub (supported)
  • \\Path\to\Sources\<ConnectorVersionNumber>\Connector XML\
Direct (no more supported, only samples)
  • \\Path\to\Sources\<ConnectorVersionNumber>\Connector XML Direct\

New install of the Connector:

Import the XML files in USU LIMA (SmartTrack) to gather the inventory data.

Update of the Connector:

Compare your already imported XML files with the new XML files. If there are changes in the new ones, you have to adapt these changes.



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