RVP200588: Setting an User as privileged or super User

Why is this important and how is this done:

To perform an inventory with RIU the target system and authentication need to be provided. This means that the user which is being used needs to be marked as a privileged user. This can be achieved by setting the privileged property in the RayVentory Portal Credential Store. The following steps will guide you through the neccessariry steps:

  1.  Open your RayVentory Portal
  2. Click on the Devices + Services tile                                                                                                                        RVPG1.png 
  3. Open the Credential Store Tab                                                                                         RVPG2.png 
  4. Click on the '+' Button to open the new Credential Wizard                                                           RVPG3.png
  5. Click on the SSH credentials tile and confirm with the 'Next >' ButtonRVPg4.png
  6. Enter the credential name and confirm with the 'Next >' ButtonRVPG5.png
  7. Here you will find 2 checkboxes to set the super user or privileged flag.




An inventory is created from data gathered by running different commands on the target system. Some of these commands require special permissions. RVP/RIU uses special commands such as sudo, pbrun, priv, etc. to execute commands that require elevated permissions/privileges. No privilege elevation methods (such as sudo,priv,pbrun etc.) will be used if a user was not marked as privileged. Missing the required permissions to run certain commands, may result in incomplete inventory data. In contrast to this, should the given user have extensive rights (e.g. root) it is required to be marked as a super user in order to avoid unnecessary use of privilege elevation methods. 
Note: Currently there is an issue with the super user flag. As a workaround, the privileged flag can be set and the password left empty. (RVP-1740)





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