RMS200519 - RMS-4405 Merge method: Merge on device name with SNMP sysName, first


Issue and Solution:
The new merge method 'Merge on device name with SNMP sysName, first' implemented.
This merge method is an approach to properly handle their Brocade switches (SNMP devices with many NICs).
They have many NICs with some of them having (all different) DNS names associated.
The 'Merge on device name' method doesn't work for them as this produces duplicates for each different DNS name.
The new merge method is supposed to work like 'Merge on device name' but priorizes the SNMP sysName over DNS name, NETBIOS name, MAC and IP.

Applies to:
RayManageSoft 10.5.1 (Only)

Provided files:
Snapins\RayManageSoft.ManagementConsole.Snapins.Devices.dll (v10.4.0.1563)
DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Database.API.dll (v10.6.0.3399)
DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Database.Impl.dll (v10.6.0.3399)
DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Discovery.API.dll (v10.6.0.3399)
DotNet\bin\ManageSoft.Discovery.Impl.dll (v10.6.0.3399)


1. Close RayManageSoft Administration Console application
2. Replace all attached files from Snapins ans DotNet folder
3. Open sql script AddNetworkDeviceSysNameFirst.sql
4. Change database name as "USE xxxxxxx", if database name is not standard "ManageSoft"
5. Execute script
6. Configure Deivces according to attached document RMS-4405_Configuration.docx

Always make sure to have a backup of your executable before applying any hotfix.
Binary files downloaded from internet may be automatically blocked by SmartScreen, which may cause the product won't start.
To ensure that SmartScreen does not affect the file, right click it in Windows Explorer and select appropriate option to unblock it, if visible.



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