RVY200516: Required permissions for inventory scans of network devices


Devices can be created and/or discovered via one or more of these methods: 

  • IP address(s), IP range(s), subnet(s) - with & without CIDR
  • Hostname
  • FQDN
  • Optional:  Import from Active Directory (AD) 



  • ICMP open between RayVentory Portal (RVP) and target systems for ping sweep
  • UDP port 161 (SNMP) open between RVP and target systems
  • Optional:  Read permissions against AD for import of devices


Network Device

  • SNMP has to be enabled & configured
  • Community string name(s) for SNMP v1, v2c & v3 devices
  • Read permission of all information or only the information you want to share with an inventory scan
  • RVP server added as an allowed host
  • Authentication and/or privacy algorythm's & credentials for SNMP v3 devices





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