RVY200506: How to configure RVP to utilise SQL Plus and Oracle DBFUS




  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable
  2. Extract the Instantclient-basic-windows.x64-{Version}.zip and instantclient-sqlplus-windows.x64-{Version}.zip files to the following path: C:\Program Files\Oracleblobid0.png
  3. Access 'Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables': blobid1.png
  4. Select the Path system variable and then press the [Edit...] button: blobid2.png
  5. Press the [New] button: blobid3.png
  6. Enter the path for the instantclient and then press the [OK] button: blobid4.png
  7. Press the [New...] to create a new system variable: blobid5.png
  8. Fill out the variable name and value fields as shown and then press the [OK] button: 




  1. Navigate to the Oracle zero-touch tab within the RVP UI: blobid7.png
  2. Enter the path to the 'sqlplus.exe' file: blobid8.png
  3. Enter the path to the script that was obtained via article Doc ID 1317265.1.  This is where the DBFUS evaluations from Oracle for the databases are also transmitted. 




If you have an audit, you can enter the path to the script that the auditor provides within the Oracle Review Lite script path field, so that RVP can then run those queries against all of your databases. 

The results from this audit scan can be found within the following location:  "C:\ProgramData\Raynet\RayVentoryPortal\Oracle\Audit\"








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