RMS200483: Java dependency of RayManageSoft and RayVentory

The RayManageSoft infinity (RMSi) and RayVentory (RV) products as a whole are not dependent on the Jave Runtime Environment (JRE). 


The following optional components will require that JRE be present: 

Administration Server

  • RMS-Messaging, a component of RMSi for managed device health-check & lost and found, as well as for roll-out wave control functionality
  • Roll-out Wave Control, a component of RMSi for automated staggered software deployment

Manage Device

  • Non-Windows managed device agents

RayVentory Portal

  • Advanced Oracle database discovery
  • Zero-touch Oracle database inventory


Customers are responsible for installing Oracle JRE and keeping it up to date.  Oracle requires that customers obtain a subscription to receive future updates to Java 8 JRE used for commercial purposes.  Please refer to https://blogs.oracle.com/java-platform-group/oracle-java-se-releases-faq for full details. 


Both products are compatible with JRE 8u201 (15.01.2019) so customers can choose to remain on this build if they do not wish to subscribe to Oracle for additional updates. 


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