RMS200479: Modification of Registry Entries on 64-bit Operating Systems

Since RayManageSoft is a 32-bit application, on a 64-bit system registry changes will be redirected during a package installation.

For example, on a 64-bit system "HKLM/Software/" as specified below will be redirected to "HKLM/Software/WOW6432Node/".


More information regarding the redirection for 32-bit applications can be found on the following page by Microsoft: 



Option 1:

The best option to get the 64-bit and 32-bit registry entries modified is by creating an MSI package which only contains registry information and is suitable for both 32/64-bit operating systems. It is possible to deploy this MSI package using RayManageSoft without any additional effort.


Option 2:

Calling "C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe" within a 32-bit process creates a new process in the 64-bit context. Hence, another option is the usage of "C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe“ in "Run Commands" of a RayManageSoft package. It can either be called by a custom script or directly by any registry modification command.

Just make sure to adjust the architecture target of the "Run Command" to apply only on a 64-bit system. Calling "C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe" on a 32-bit system will result in an error.



Make sure to add the script in the files and folders part of the package and then call it by a run command as given below.


C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe /c "<run the script>"


It is also possible to extend the script in order to call the "C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe" when needed (if it is a 64-bit system). If this is the case, the script needs to be started in "Run Commands" as given below.


cmd.exe /c "<run the script>"


Calling a registry modification command such as "reg add" directly is the simplest option and can be specified in "Run Commands" as given below. In this case, the proper registry modification needs to specified for each architecture.. 


C:\Windows\SysNative\cmd.exe /c "reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion /v Test /t REG_DWORD /d 52 /f"



More information on the file system redirector and SysNative can be found here:



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