RSC200478: Unable to Run RayPack Studio Products on a Windows 10 Sandbox

Affected Products:

  • all RayPack Studio products
  • RayFlow
  • all .NET products


When starting a RayPack Studio product on a Windows 10 Sandbox the runtime reports the following error:

This application requires one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: NETFramework Version=v4.5.2

But the reported version cannot be installed because the installer detects, that the version is already available. As a result it is not possible to run any product. This problem is not limited to Raynet products but also affects other .NET applications (including for example the powershell.exe console).


This problem is caused by the KB4495620 update which is installed on most host machines. This is a cumulative update for the .NET Framework fixing a few vulnerabilities (see for more information).

In order to be able to run .NET applications on a Windows 10 Sandbox, uninstall this update and reboot the machine. Afterwards, powershell.exe and .NET applications will run without issues.


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