RPK200462: MSIX package could not be built due to empty COM interfaces GUIDs


RayPack 6.0



There are some cases where RayPack creates an empty GUIDs for the COM Interfaces when working with MSIX packages. This might happened when converting an existing package to MSIX or during repackaging process. This causes the MSIX package failed to build with the following message:

Manifest validation error. The keyref ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000’ does not resolve to a key for the Identity Constraint ‘{http://schemas.microsoft.com/appx/manifest/com/windows10}TypeLib_IdKey’.



All COM Interfaces that have an empty GUID assigned in all the selected interface’s properties should be removed. For example:



Related Jira task:

RPK-3154: Cannot build MSIX package due to the empty COM interfaces


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