RPK200444: RayPack 6.0

Title: RPK200444: RayPack 6.0
Type: Full Product


  • Support for the multiplatform format MSIX has been introduced.
  • The New Project menu has been simplified.
  • RayPack now comes with a portable bundled tool that can be used to create snapshots and compare them.


  • It is now possible to use the previous database to synchronize the component names and file sequences when building an MSI / RPP with linked folders.
  • Registry entries can now be managed using drag and drop.
  • An option to revert changes has been added to the context menu when clicking on a changed cell, row, or table.


  • A wizard page has been added which shows the prerequisites and operations that may cause a delay or problems with repackaging.
  • A wizard page has been added where custom project details like name and manufacturer can be provided.
  • A few screens of the user interface of the RCP editor have been redesigned.


  • The way the machine status is shown in the Virtual Machines view has been improved.
  • An option to determine wether the tasks on a virtual machine should be started as administrator or as invoker has been added.
  • The management of Hyper-V sessions has been improved.


  • PackBot can now detect whether a reboot is pending and act accordingly.
  • The options of the PackBot scan have been extended.
  • The management of Hyper-V sessions has been improved.


  • A new section where users can configure the desired commands and arguments for the repair routine has been added.
  • The PowerShell AppDeploymentToolkit has been upgraded.


  • A set of new PowerShell commandlets has been added.

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2018-DEC
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Applies to Version(s):  -
Obsoletes: RayPack 5.2 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:  -
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.): complete product
Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:

Reference number:

RPK-64; RPK-94; RPK-248; RPK-399; RPK-481;

RPK-921; RPK-1134; RPK-1622; RPK-1623; RPK-1697;

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RSC-483; RSC-498; RSC-500; RSC-505; RSC-524;

RSC-528; RSC-539; RVL-498;

See Release Notes document for more details


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