RMS200443: Adding support to SPM for Windows 10 build 1809 and Server 2019


As Windows 10 build 1809 and Server 2019 were released after Security Patch Manager (SPM) 11.0 was, it is obvious that SPM currently does not support those products.


Adding support for new operating system (OS) releases is a simple matter of updating two database tables with this new information.


The following queries can be used to check the current state of your database:

SELECT * FROM SecurityPatchUIProductGroup WHERE Product like 'Windows%' ORDER BY Product ASC
SELECT * FROM SecurityPatchUIProductGroup ORDER BY SecurityPatchUIProductGroupID DESC
SELECT * FROM SecurityPatchOperatingSystem WHERE [Description] like 'Microsoft Windows%' ORDER BY [Description] ASC
SELECT * FROM SecurityPatchOperatingSystem ORDER BY OperatingSystemID DESC
  • If the last OperatingSystemID & SecurityPatchUIProductGroupID values are 333 and if the new OS is not already in those tables, then you can simply run the two attached queries against your SPM database. 
  • If the new OS is not already mentioned, which is expected, but the OperatingSystemID & SecurityPatchUIProductGroupID values in those tables are higher than 333, then the attached queries will need to be modified beforehand. 


This process can then be used for any new OS that is released in the future too. 



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