RVY200440: How to extract the NDTRACK binaries from the RV Portal?

If you have RayVentory Server installed and wish to benefit from the NDTRACK binaries that are included in our recently shipped RayVentory Portal, there are two methods that can be used in order to extract them.  This article is created for RVP 11.1 but also works for newer versions like RVP 11.3.



Administrative MSI Installation

If RVP is not installed, you could perform an administrative installation. Therefore perform:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator
  2. Change the directory to the installation source of the MSI file
  3. Run the command :
    MSIEXEC -a .\RayVentoryPortal_<Release_version>.msi


Now the RVP installer opens and will guide you through the process. After the installation, open RayVentory Portal and perform the steps in the following chapter.


RayVentory Portal existing Installation

To install these binaries on an UNC share, open:

RaVentory Portal > Settings > Inventory > Remote Execution

There you have to enter the UNC share path like


and press "Install Scan Utilities". This exports the folders "ndtrack", "oratrack" and the file "mgsservice.exe" to the specified path.




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