RVY200412: How to exclude IP Address and username values from RVP's zero touch scans

This article was created using RayVentory Portal 11.0; however, it will still apply to 11.1 once released albeit with a different UI. 


1.  Run the following command to create the 'example.xml' file within the working directory that the command was called from, in this case "C:\Windows\System32\": 


2.  Move this XML file to a new location so that it doesn't get overwritten if this command is run again, and then edit it in order to remark out which fields you do not wish to have inventoried.  In this example, both username and IP Address have been excluded from the scan: 




3.  Navigate to the OS Inventory Windows settings option within RVP, browse to the modified XML file for the classesFile field and then save this change: 


4.  In order to utilise this XML file as part of RIW's command line, simply add the following argument to it: 



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