RFL200409: RayFlow Server 5.2 Service Pack 1

Title: RFL200409: RayFlow Server 5.2 Service Pack 1
Type: Full Product

Following issues have been fixed:

  • RF-4050: Make datafields available in custom placeholders
  • RF-4288: RayFlow web displays a datafield group associated with a specific package type in single view mode regardless of what task type the task has
  • RF-4289: RayFlow Client shows an empty datafield group tab instead of not displaying it at all
  • RF-4312: Datafield values are not saved by Task order via web
  • RF-4317: Add a Task Type email template property so that this field can be included within email notifications
  • RF-4319: CSV Import: Dates sometimes are imported wrong
  • RF-4322: Enable TLS encryption on RayFlow email notifications
Date Published: 2018-OCT

Hardware Requirements


  • Minimum disk space required: 120 GB
  • Minimum RAM required: 1GB
  • Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz Processor
  • Network 100Mbit


  • CPU Intel Core i5 or i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • Disc Space: 500 GB RAID 10 (4x250GB)
  • Network 100Mbit

Prerequisite Software

The following are the minimum software requirements for the installation and running of RayFlow 5.2 Service Pack 1.

  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • IIS 7 or higher
  • .NET 3.5 for SQL Server
  • .NET 4.5
  • Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime (Required to view SSRS Reports)

Please refer to the following links for system requirements related to different versions of Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime

Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime

Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008

  • Crystal Report Runtime 2010 13.0.14 (Only required if Crystal Reports are used for reporting)

Supported internet browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer™ version 9.0 and newer
  • FireFox version 3 and newer
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • It is recommended to use a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.
  • Although other browsers might work they are not officially recommended.
Applies to Version(s): -
Obsoletes: RayFlow Server 5.2 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:  -
Hotfixes:  -
Installation Instructions: Analog to the description of attached Installation Guide for RayFlow 5.2 Server
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.): Complete product
Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


RF-4050; RF-4288; RF-4289; RF-4312; RF-4317; RF-4319; RF-4322

Verification Hash (SHA256): 34FA0E8C13D5357C8648A2EA88036DA680A3E4050C63B179A5965C4384135D1C *RayFlow.Web.5.2.6468.413.zip
Download Location:
FTP Server: file.raynet.de
Username: rayflow-kd
Password: XKQJEd!



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