RMS200383: RMS Package creation using PackageStore Sources

Please be aware that there is also the possibility of extending RayPackage with a customized Import-Packages-Plugin. Having the requirements our consulting team can integrate that plugin to reduce the number of manual steps when creating RMS Packages for software deployment.

This article describes a standard procedure to create RMS packages in RayManageSoft based on PackageStore sources.

The starting location is the RMS console's dashboard.

  1. Open the Software Library Snapin and then click the "New Project" button.

  2. Select "Third party installer (.exe) project" type.

  3. Select the "Deploy-Application.exe" of the PackageStore sources.
    Make sure to activate "Copy supporting files" and select "Other installation technology" as type.

  4. Enter basic information such as name and version.

  5. Make sure the destination is defined as desired.

  6. Enter the following command line parameters to trigger installation:
    "Deploy-Application.ps1" -DeploymentType "Install" -DeployMode "Silent"

  7. Enter a unique key (detection key) for the RMS Package. This key is checked and the execution of the executable only triggered in case the key is not found.
    1. Key: SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Installed\InfoPath
    2. Name: CurrentVersion
    3. Value:

    Define "Uninstall registry key" and enter the following uninstall command:
    "Deploy-Application.exe" "Deploy-Application.ps1" -DeploymentType "Uninstall" -DeployMode "Silent"

  8. Select desired target environment.

  9. Check summary page to verify your settings.

  10. Next click on "Customize the package".

  11. Go to "Variables" and edit the "ExternalInstallerUninstallCommandLine" variable. Select "Value overrides managed devices settings" and apply your change.
  12. As the detection key was defined during the creation of the package for the external installer a registry key entry needs to be created by the RMS package itself. This way the installer is triggered only once during the first installation of the package. To create a proper registry key go to Registries and create the entry using "Add key" and "Add value" and apply your change.
    Make sure to select the action "Always set to value" when defining the value entry.

  13. In case a reboot is required you can configure this in "Reboot" and apply the change.


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