RVY200386: How to install the RayVentory Distribution Server without the Managed Devices Usage Agent

By default, the RayVentory DS installation process will install all of its managed device features. 


If one does not wish to have the usage agent installed in order to prevent a web browser from asking if its plugin should be enabled or not, then follow these steps before performing the installation: 

  1. Rename the ".\Release_XXXX\Utils\full_install.vbs" file to 'full_install.vbs_original'. 
  2. Download the attached 'full_install_minus_usageagent_v10-6.vbs' or 'full_install_minus_usageagent_v11-0.vbs' file to that location depending upon the version of RayVentory being used), and rename it to 'full_install.vbs'. 




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