RMS200381: RayManageSoft infinity 11.0


RMS200381: RayManageSoft infinity 11.0


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New Features in RayManageSofti 11.0:

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

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Since this release is a standalone MSI package, you can either upgrade your existing RayManageSofti instance or install a new instance on a clean machine.

Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install / upgrade RayManageSofti.

Applies to Version(s):



RayManagesoft 10.6 and earlier

Restrictions/Known Issues:

  • RMS-3333: RVP -> RWI scan -> If the value of scanTimeout is set to 0, the result of the task is cancelled during the query while the device is scanned, the worker times out and a lot of workers are being created.
  • RMS-3355: The RayManageSoft installation launcher crashes if .NET Framework 4 is installed without providing the reason for the crash.
  • RMS-3385: Managed Device -> Deployment Manager -> Uninstall of Package -> Count does not get updated properly if a package is made optional or if an application is being uninstalled from a managed device and the selector is being opened.
  • RMS-3421: Adopted Debian Device -> Sometimes packages cannot be installed when using a ManageSoft policy. In the selector the Managed Debian Device package will be listed as installed, but the application is not properly installed on the managed Device.
  • RMS-3430: Creating a policy in a ManageSoft domain with the same name leads to a crash.
  • RMS-3431: Using the "Create a copy..." function to import an application with a "+" character in the application name will lead to a crash.
  • RMS-3434: The ManageSoft policy editor sets wrong dirty flags in the RayManageSoft domain.
  • RMS-3445: RVP Scheduler -> If a subtask for AD Discovery is created in the scheduler and the checkbox for inventory generation is unchecked, inventory files are still being generated and the discovery result is not added to the target section.
  • RMS-3489: The Support Packages Download wizard is crashing the console when trying to download and the device or user has no connection to the internet.


If migrating to RayManageSoft 11.0, the following hotfix needs to be applied BEFORE starting with the migration!!!


Installation Instructions:

Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install RayManageSoft infinity.

Affects (Modules, Components, etc.):

complete product

Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


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RMS-3083; RMS-3084; RMS-3087; RMS-3088; RMS-3090;

RMS-3100; RMS-3102; RMS-3109; RMS-3110; RMS-3113;

RMS-3119; RMS-3125; RMS-3126; RMS-3128; RMS-3131;

RMS-3133; RMS-3140; RMS-3146; RMS-3150; RMS-3151;

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RMS-3211; RMS-3212; RMS-3214; RMS-3215; RMS-3216;

RMS-3217; RMS-3255;

See release notes for more details

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932E4FA9FD70ACBBDE9961C9CB589AC57A2A0963B814F12CFAA39D7C790CAB14 *RayManageSofti_Release_11_0_0_3661.zip

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