RMS200380: In-place Upgrade Feature

This feature offers the ability to easily create basic RMS packages for your Windows image files. It enables you to perform silent in-place upgrades on your managed devices. As you already mentioned, the main idea is to perform upgrades in between Windows 10 versions, since these upgrades are reliable according to Microsoft.

To create such a package you need to go to the Software Library Snapin and use the “New Project” button. The wizard that will be opened will help you create the package and will provide default values. Make sure to adjust the defaults to the needs of your environment. Be aware that RayManageSoft/RayVentory only support silent installation of the upgrade.

This feature is responsible for triggering the in-place upgrades with the provided operating system image.

Raynet recommends the usage of OS deployment for a clean installation rather than an in-place upgrade. In-place installations of operating systems have a tendency to cause problems, especially if the new version is very different from the previous one. This is why environment specific tests are inevitable.

OEM Keys are not supported by default. Regarding further assistance please contact our support team.

Additional configuration for IIS to enable the distribution of in-place upgrade packages can be found in related KB article here.


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