RMS200376: PrecalculateSummary Feature

The feature improves the performance of the reports by outsourcing time-intensive operations and thus no longer takes place when the report is called.

Instead, there is a SQL job that prepares the report data every 3 hours by default, so that the report is then only responsible for the display.

Affected reports are:

  • Software Package Installation Summary
  • Security Patch Installation Summary
  • ComplianceByBulletinSummaryList

This feature can be enabled / disabled with the following SQL script to be executed on the RMS database:


Update [dbo].[DatabaseConfiguration]
Set Value = 'True'
Where Property = 'PrecalculateSummary'


Update [dbo].[DatabaseConfiguration]
Set Value = 'False'
Where Property = 'PrecalculateSummary'

In case you want to adjust the schedule of processing the report data, you can do this in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. In SQL Server Agent, you should find the "Execute_FillReportTable" jobs.


Edit them and adjust the schedule as desired.



If you deactivate this feature, please deactivate the SQL jobs that are responsible for processing the report data. These can be identified by name. All begin with "Execute_FillReportTable".


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