RMS200374: Additional configuration for IIS to enable the distribution of Inplace Upgrade Packages

IIS requires additional configuration on the Administration Server and Distribution Servers the package is going to be distributed to. 

Following the steps below, related additional configuration steps can be performed.



1. Open the IIS Manager:

2. The following steps described need to be applied on the ManageSoftDL and ManageSoftDS virtual directories:


3. Edit "Request Filtering":

5. Go to "File Name Extensions" – Remove all extensions:


6. Go to Hidden Segments” – Remove all entries:

7. Click to “Edit Feature Settings…” – Select all check boxes and confirm:

8. Edit "Handler Mapping":

9. Enable “Script” permission:

10. Remove all handlers, keep “WebDAV” and “StaticFile” only:


11. Edit "MIME Types":

12. Add mime for files without extensions “.”:


13. Add mime form all files “.*

14. Disable configuration with web.confg in subfolders

a) Go to highest level of IIS – select “Configuration Editor”.


b) Select section “system.applicationHost/sites”:


c) Change “allowSubDirConfig” to false and click Apply:

d) Restart IIS by calling "iisreset" in command prompt.


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