RMS200366: Troubleshooting WinPE problems in OS Deployment

While the rollout of OS Deployment any errors are reported in related WinPE phase.

The following description shows which steps should be performed now and where to find related log file:

  1. Mount the rollout-related WinPE image under "images -> boot images":

  2. A file explorer is opened automatically. Navigate to following location:

  3. Open the "Winpeshl.ini" file by any text editor and perform following editions:
  4. Save changes and close file and explorer.

  5. Save changes in image context:

  6. Distribute the updated image again:

  7. Run OS Deployment.

  8. Command Prompt has to be started automatically in WinPE start phase. Navigate to "x:\Windows\temp\ManageSoft\Prework" location and execute the "mgswinpeimgr.exe" command process:

  9. After finishing the process the Command Prompt still keeps open. A text editor now can be opened by e. g. "notepad.exe" command:

  10. The log file "MgsWinPEImgr.txt" can be found under "X:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\Prework" location:


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