RVY200350: Required permission to run remote execution tasks against Linux/UNIX devices

General Information

This article describes the permission required for sudo rights on Linux/UNIX machines in order to run remote execution hardware/software inventory tasks against them. 


Installation Specifications

Implement the required login method as per the following article:   

 RVY200499: Linux/UNIX remote execution login methods


Services what are used from remote

We need rights to the following services from remote machines:




SUDO rights for Hardware/Software Inventory

We need sudo rights with no password prompt for the following commands:

  • /sbin/date                                                   
  • /bin/date
  • /sbin/sh ./ndtrack.sh *                                 
  • /bin/sh ./ndtrack.sh *
  • /sbin/rm –f ./ndtrack.sh ./ndtrack.ini             
  • /bin/rm –f ./ndtrack.sh ./ndtrack.ini


The resultant SUDO configuration line is as follows:

{UserName}  ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /bin/date,/sbin/date,/bin/sh ./ndtrack.sh *,/sbin/sh ./ndtrack.sh *,/bin/rm -f ./ndtrack.sh ./ndtrack.ini,/sbin/rm -f ./ndtrack.sh ./ndtrack.ini

Note1:  Please replace {UserName} with the user for RayVentory. 

Note2:  To edit the sudo configuration use the visudo command. 



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