RPK200885: Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6853.3463 [Update 6]


Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6853.3463 [Update 6]



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  • Added a new option to control the automatic exclusion of services based on the type of changes detected. [RPK-4961]

Resolved issues:

  • Removed the service event type from the UI in the PackRecorder Services view to avoid confusion with a similar setting that controls the startup type. [RPK-4907]
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect profile selection when using a dedicated switch via rpcmd.exe. [RPK-4895]
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent number of permissions defined in RCP project.[RPK-4896]
  • Resolved an issue with missing registry permissions in the captured RCP projects. [RPK-4881]
  • Resolved issues with naming conventions of the security templates in case of packages, that set NTFS permissions on resources not bundled with the package itself. This change fixes or improves installation, uninstallation and repair processes. [RPK-4914] [RPK-4913] [RPK-4911]
  • Resolved an issue with the registry key creation when working with 64-bit only installers. In this release, the default component bitness in this case is now 64-bit, ensuring a more logical location selection and eliminating the need for manual adjustments at later stages. [RPK-4916]
  • Resolved the issue where authenticated user permissions were not applied when creating .rpp / .msi from .rcp. [RPK-4910]
  • Resolved issues with adding parent OS layers in RayPack profile settings. [RPK-4899]
  • Resolved various issues with setting permissions for Registry keys on pre-existing resources (not part of the package), including but not limited to incorrect 32-bit handling on 64-bit machines and other similar issues. [RPK-4937] [RPK-4942] [RPK-4943]
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the estimated required size for the resulting VHD files when creating layers. The previous implementation could not account for all required reserved sizes, in some scenarios leading to unexpected out-of-disk errors. [RPK-4949]
Date Published: 2024/03/29
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide


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