RVY200879: Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.6.5511.103 [Update 2]-[Hotfix1]

Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.6.5511.103 [Update 2] & [Hotfix1]


Type: Full Product

Resolved issues:

  • In this release we have fixed a specific issue in the transformation engine where full outer join steps could produce incorrect results if the source steps were not permanent. The previous incorrect behavior could lead to artificially empty rows being inserted in the target table.
    This corrected behavior affects both server-side and agent-based execution.
    [RR-4028] [ZEN-26167]
Date Published: 2024/03/07
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Data Hub 12.6 User Guide.


Download from Raynet FTP


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